Personalservices mittlr has been contracted to fill an expected job volume of 6,000 open vacancies for the year 2022 for 400 partner companies of various industries and sizes. In our role as recruiter, we are responsible for contacting potential candidates, as well as suitability diagnostics and the successful placement of specialists and executives with selected employers.

Our claim is discretion. We help specialists and executives on their way to get to know other companies anonymously and without obligation. Our service is aimed in particular at candidates who are ready to change companies and who see their requirements for suitable employment, salary expectations or career opportunities realized through a change of employer.

A complete application is not necessary. Just leave us your contact information and a resume. We will then contact you and match your skills profile and desired employment with our search request. You will receive information about relevant employers immediately. Your anonymity is guaranteed until you make your final decision. Please follow the "Apply Button" on this page.

Talents wanted and opportunities

Personalservice mittlerr is a service of pludoni GmbH. The pludoni Personalservices mittlerr is specialized in the recruitment of specialists and executives. We place skilled personnel in the IT, MINT and office sector. Our clients are located in both the private and public sectors and are looking for personnel to fill permanent and project positions.

Application process

Discreet contact

The usual application procedure is sufficient for contacting us. You can use the application form for this purpose. A cover letter is not necessary. Your application will be created directly in the applicant management system of pludoni Personalservices.

Get to know each other without obligation

If your resume matches our search request, we will contact you by phone or e-mail within the next XX hours. For a non-binding meeting to get to know each other. Together we will then sound out professional and personal perspectives.

Presentation of possible employers

Through the introductory interview and a technology-supported matching process, we match your professional and personal qualifications with the requirements of our partners. We then present you with suitable employers.


If our partner also wants to meet you, we will support you during the further application process with advice for a successful job interview.

It's not a good fit, what now?

If you wish, your data will continue to be securely stored with us. We will be happy to keep you informed about new job offers. Our job agent will send you the latest jobs conveniently by e-mail. The filter function ensures that only job offers relevant to you are delivered.